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Prague is one of the  most visited city in Europe. The Czech capital as we know it these days represents a subtle blend of medieval rarities and modernity, inviting you to discover the anachronistic world of this once powerful center of the Habsburg Monarchy.Prague has played an important part in political, religious and cultural life of Western Europe, preserving the remnants of that great epoch to the 21st century.  The most outstanding landmark of historical Prague is the Prague Castle (or Pražský hrad in Czech). Believed to be the biggest ancient castle in the world, the Prague Castle is a breath-taking architectural ensemble of churches, palaces and gardens. Other cultural sights you just cannot miss are located in the UNESCO-listed historical center and include the Charles Bridge, a home to more than 30 baroque statues of Medieval saints; Jewish Quarter a former Jewish ghetto, which is a cradle for chilling Old Town legends and a birth place of Franz Kafka, one of the most outstanding German-speaking writers in the 20th century; and Old Town Square, offering a panoramic view on the most famous churches in Prague.

Take a stroll across the city and enjoy its exquisite mixture of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Neo-Classical and Art Nouveau architecture, which survived the World War II. Don't forget to visit the Prague Zoo, one of the best zoos in the world. Occupying the territory of 45 hectares, the Prague Zoo is a home for almost 4.5 thousand animals.

For more artistic experiences, take a look at the infamous Lennon Wall, a graffiti-covered emblem of youth and rebellion, or the Dancing House, one of the most outrageous and ultra-modern business centers in Prague.

Prague is a perfect place to enrich your cultural experience. This city hosts a number of globally acclaimed museums: National Museum on the Wenceslas Square provides historical insights into classical archeology, ethnology, numismatics and theater; Museum of Decorative Arts boasts its vast collections of arts and crafts; The Mucha Museum showcases famous works of Alfons Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter, and The museum of the Heydrich assassination in the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius among others.

A trip in a trip: You can explore Prague by boat along the Vltava River enjoying picturesque views on the Old Town starting from Karlův bridge. Some of the boats can offer to you also the possibility to have dinner abroad in the evening.

To feel like a Prague resident: you should definitely taste beer, or "liquid bread"as it's dubbed in Prague, made at the local breweries and served everywhere across the city at numerous bars and pubs. In May you are welcome to enjoy Czech Beer Festival, where you can taste as many as 120 beer sorts.

Do not miss: Josefov the Jewish Quarter in the city with his Starý Židovský Hřbitov the Old Jewish Cemetery and Synagogues of different ages.

Buy a bottle of Becherovka, the traditional bitters made with about 30 herbs. It is usually served cold and is often used as an aid to digestion after a good dinner with a plate of Knödel!

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