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Whether you are travelling for business or with a sleeping bag, London is sure to satisfy all requests So you can choose to start your visit from the skyscrapers of the City, also known as the Square Mile, the main financial district of the United Kingdom and Europe. Or  you can choose to visit  the symbols of monarchy followed by more news of all time: Buckingham Palace, official residence of the Royal Family, to assist to the famous Changing of the Guard Ceremony at 11.30 and the Tower of London, an impressive architectural complex fortified built by the Norman William the Conqueror with several buildings of which you can visit the famous "White Tower" with the crows that have always lived and  the Crown Jewels under the supervision of the guardians the Yeomen Warders, or Beefeaters most commonly. Really fundamental in your trip is the visit to the Palace of Westminster with the Houses of Parliament , the Big Ben, the world's most famous clock tower, the unmistakable spire of Westminster Abbey where takes place the ceremony of coronation of kings and the little Church of Saint Margaret of the initial medieval complex, that now is the parish church of Parliament.

To know that the state museums in London are free then spend time at the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Serpentine Gallery and many others will be more enjoyable! But watch: everything closes strictly at 5.30pm.

To feel like a Londoner:a tour of the markets for everyone from the daily Camnden Town where you can try different street foods , Petticoat Lane market, London's oldest one, Brik Lane with its Sunday market among many locals and works of street art by Banksy  and Portobello Road for antiques and art in Notthing Hill, Covent Garden with fruit and vegetables and handcrafted trend jewellery  as the whole area, Greys Antiques Market with old toys and Billingsgate Market the fish market in the early morning to Dockslands near the old port of London.

Londoners are fond of parks, there are many scattered everywhere. The best known of all is  the great Hyde Park where it is inevitable to play with a squirrel and on Sunday to attend the rallies on the Free Speech Corner. Also moving from the center, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew is definitely worth for a thorough visit.

A trip in the trip: an interesting itinerary of London could be the visit of the monuments that recall the famous figures of fantastic literature from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, where the adventure of the child who doesn't want to grown begins, the statue of the detective Sherlock Holmes in front of the Bakery Street tube station, a short walk from his home at number 221 and ending at King's Cross station where the wizard Harry Potter can take the train from platform 9 ¾.

If you prefer to cue the music, you could visit the city following The Beatles: starting from Soho, the artistic zone, center of the Swinging London , point of reference for the gay community and its lively nightlife with Piccadilly Circus and Carnaby Street,  and ending in Abbey Road with a pedestrian crossing of the famous photo , shooting 24 hours of 24 from a webcam on the Internet,  just a few steps from recording studios of the same name.

Do not miss: the Maritime Greenwich, just outside of London, also linked by a boat on the Thames, the complex of buildings that now houses the Royal Naval College and the park with the Old Royal Observatory, where one finds the trace of the prime meridian and adjust the clocks to be particularly timely now (look at the time!).


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