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Milan is the Italian economic capital, it is situated in the northern part of the country and it is quite different of more traditional and old world charm of Rome. Visit Milan means immersing yourself in a great city, with a large number of migrant workers from the rest of Italy and of the world and be at the center of the financial world and industry. Development of the fashion industry at 360 degrees makes Milan as the flagship in the world of "Made in Italy". City of trend in fashion, design and communication, offers the best in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the famous Golden Quadrilateral of fashion consisting of Montenapoleone Street and della Spiga Street, with the most famous fashion boutiques and luxury items. But also in the history of Milan there are just as many interesting attractions: the Sforzesco Castle originally built by Galeazzo Visconti, then demolished and rebuilt by Sforza, now represents an important cultural center of the city with a lot of artistic exposure. You can visit the halls of residence of the Duke and the interior museums including the Sculpture Museum with Pietà Rondinini Michelangelo's last opera and the Pinacoteca. Outside the ancient garden became the large Sempione Park which, after years of decay, came back to life and it is the perfect place to read a book in a curly green in the city. The Dome is the undisputed symbol of Milan, with the Madonnina, the famous gilt statue of the Virgin Mary that protects from the top of its spires. Entirely in marble, it is the third largest Catholic Church in the world and it is a splendid example of Lombard Gothic architecture. To the right of the Cathedral we find the Royal Palace with the Museum of the Palace and landmark for art exhibitions. A wonderful vantage point of Piazza Duomo is offered from the panoramic terrace of the Museum of the 900's, housed in the Palazzo Arengario as space for the art of the 20th century, with "The fourth estate" a famous painting of Pellizza da Volpedo. Found time to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie, a renaissance church with in his refectory the "Last supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. The Scala is the most famous Italian opera house, built in 1776 on the old church of Santa Maria della Scala, from which it takes its name, and then it was rebuilt again after the bombing of the second world war. All great Italian composers have performed in this theatre and it is now obligatory for lovers of the genre. In the live of Milan the opening of the concert season is an event of great worldliness which takes place every year on 7th of December.

A trip in a trip Less than an hour's drive from Milan is Crespi d'Adda, the "modern labour village" made by Crespi's in the XIX century for thier workers families of his factory on the banks of the river Adda. It is a perfectly preserved village and it could be the ideal start for a hike along the path of the River Adda.

To feel like a Milan Aperitif with rich buffet is an unmissable event in the life of Milan at the end of the working day, from 6pm it isa  meeting point for youngs and not only. Everywhere in the city centre there are all kinds of places, particularly in the area Arch of Peace overlooking the Sempione Park. Navigli is the liveliest area of the city: the typical waterways are in some sections remained with the ancient water pipes which were in communication with the Maggiore Lake and Como Lake and today the Darsena, Alzaia Naviglio Grande and Ripa di Porta Ticinese are home to numerous pubs, restaurants, clubs, trattorias and artistic studies. Reference points for the night are the Alcatraz in Milan, historic nightclub and concert venue for international names of rock music, the General Stores with the best dj-set and Leoncavallo, self-managed public space with numerous avant-garde artistic, theatrical and musical projects.

Do not miss: the Institute for the blind of Milan hosting "Dialogue in the dark" a path completely without light, accompanied by blind guides to discover another way of seeing things. Inside there are also theatrical performances and dinner all in the dark.

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